Life Cycle Planning Virtual Boot Camp

A Two-Day Series on Estate Planning & Death Issues
Presented By: Arthur Werner & Anthony Rocca

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Estate planning is a complex process that involves issues far beyond the technical legal aspects of community property laws or tax treatment of assets. Finding appropriate solutions to clients’ estate issues should involve planning for a range of considerations while they are alive, including the drafting of wills, setting up trusts, and examining all sorts of relationships and goals. At death, a whole other set of considerations will arrive, including estate administration, tax payments and how to actually distribute property. Are you helping your clients consider the whole picture?

This two-day, eight-hour program provides the practitioner with a look at how to incorporate estate planning, estate administration and tax compliance into one’s practice. From utilizing charitable donations and considering life insurance to preparing for “death taxes” and retirement plan distributions, our Life Cycle Planning Virtual Boot Camp will prepare you for how to best prepare your clients for these crucial life planning decisions.
Part 1
TOPIC: Understanding Tools and Techniques Applied in Estate Planning

  • The changing environment of estate planning
  • The changing Internal Revenue Code
  • How to begin the estate planning process with your client
  • Requirements for, and tax implications of, a charitable deduction
  • When to use a charitable split-interest trust and its requirements
  • How to compute generation-skipping transfer tax
  • When to use life insurance as an estate planning tool
  • Advantages of a life insurance trust and planning techniques with its use
  • Where the split-interest purchase of property is a valuable planning tool
  • When to use a GRIT, GRAT, GRUT or QPRT
Part 2
TOPIC: Understanding Tools and Techniques Applied in Estate Administration and Tax Compliance

  • How the estate administration process evolves
  • Relevant Internal Revenue Code developments
  • Post-mortem opportunities
  • State and local tax compliance issues
  • Federal Estate tax issues
  • Income taxation of estate and trust issues
  • Specific Form 1041 compliance issues
  • Life insurance issues
  • Retirement plan distribution options
NASBA & IRS Category of Study: Taxes

Level: Basic to Intermediate

Who should attend:
  • CPAs
  • EAs
  • Attorneys
  • Finance Professionals
  • Financial Planners
  • Bankers
  • Insurance Agents
Arthur Joseph Werner
Arthur Joseph Werner, JD, MS (Taxation), received his B.S. in Accounting and his M.S. in Taxation from Widener University. He holds a J.D. in Law from the Delaware Law School. His lecture topic specialties extensively include the areas of Estate Planning Read more...
Anthony J. Rocca
Anthony J. Rocca, Esquire, is the President of the Law Offices of Anthony J. Rocca, P.C. with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey, representing a wide range of individuals and business owners. Read more...
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