Microsoft Office Training Virtual Boot Camp

Presented by: Mitzi Gibson Katz, Karla Brandau, Dennis Taylor

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Microsoft Office is one of the most popular programs used in professional settings, and why not? Office gives you the ability to multitask and integrate your work on multiple applications and programs. You can create a datasheet on MS Excel and insert it into a report on MS Word or emphasize a presentation in PowerPoint by importing charts and graphs from Excel. When used effectively, MS Office can help you do more in less time.

Join this virtual boot camp with productivity and technology experts Mitzi Gibson Katz, Karla Brandau and Dennis Taylor, who will provide you with time-saving tips and techniques for working with MS Office in more efficient and effective ways. This boot camp will give you an in-depth knowledge of the features of these MS Office programs and applications, including: MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and MS Excel. The focus of this boot camp is to help shorten your learning curve when it comes to these complex software programs.

This boot camp will offer a wide scope of capability to anyone using computers in a work setting. Sign up even if you are an advanced user: There is something for everyone who uses these MS Office tools!
Session Agenda
Session 1: Increase Your Daily Output with Microsoft Outlook Inbox, Tasks and Calendar Basics
Speaker: Karla Brandau | Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am ET | Duration: 60 minutes
Do you know the ways in which you can partner your Inbox with the Calendar and Tasks and take another step toward increased productivity? Join this session with expert speaker Karla Brandau to learn how to pack your day with greater productivity by using Microsoft Outlook basics to process the Inbox. This session will demonstrate tips and techniques to help you organize appointments, meetings, private work time, tasks and projects, enabling you to take control of your daily workflow and save precious minutes every day, which will prove to be a big boost to your career. You can make Microsoft Outlook your partner for unprecedented productivity as you produce real results on a daily basis.
Session Highlights
  • Maneuver the Inbox, Calendar and Tasks Ribbons
  • Process, return, initiate and send email quickly
  • Change the Reading Pane and To-Do Bar views
  • Create more than one signature and change the default signature in an email
  • Use the Rules Wizard to file email automatically
  • Set up Categories to visually sort email, tasks and calendar items
  • Use email Flag Status and Reminders so you don't forget important deadlines
  • Clear your Inbox every day
  • Handle work assigned to you via email
Break: 15 minutes
Session 2: Basics of MS Word
Speaker: Mitzi Gibson Katz | Time: 11:45 am – 12:45 pm ET | Duration: 60 minutes
Stop doing your work manually and learn the best practices and automation features available in MS Word! Join this session with expert speaker Mitzi Katz to gain knowledge about the useful features in MS Word that will save you time and ease your work. In this session, you will learn about new features as well as standard features that are need-to-know. Whether you are a new or infrequent user or an advanced user, this session is designed to get you up to speed quickly on making Word work for you. The session is appropriate for Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2017 users.
Session Highlights
  • Getting started with Word
  • Working with text – Formatting/line and paragraph spacing
  • Applying and modifying styles
  • Working with objects – Pictures/shapes/text boxes/tables
  • Reviewing – Spelling/grammar checks
  • Track changes and comments
  • Inspecting and protecting documents
  • Mail Merge
Break: 30 minutes
Session 3: Adobe Acrobat: An Overview
Speaker: Mitzi Gibson Katz | Time: 01:15 pm – 02:00 pm ET | Duration: 45 minutes
You are probably familiar with opening PDFs (portable document formats) in Adobe Reader. However, have you heard about Adobe Acrobat? Acrobat, another Adobe product, offers so much more than simply manipulating PDFs; it allows you to combine PDFs, change their order, separate them, convert them, and add functionalities such as bookmarks, links, buttons, signatures and more. Acrobat can also serve as a "container" for multiple files created from multiple software applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. – a great way to manage a group of documents – in an Adobe Acrobat Portfolio!

There's much more to Adobe Acrobat than meets the eye! Add this valuable software tool to your collection and use its functionality for your documents. Join this session with expert speaker Mitzi Katz to learn how Adobe Acrobat can provide multiple solutions to your productivity needs. This session will offer insights on numerous Acrobat topics including reviewing and editing PDF documents using Comments and Markup, as well as Creating Forms with Adobe Acrobat. This session will also offer a wide scope of capability to anyone using computers in a work setting.
Session Highlights
  • The Acrobat environment – Learn the tricks of the trade for these helpful tools
  • Creating, combining and converting PDFs
  • Navigating with bookmarks, links and buttons
  • Adding headers, footers and watermarks to a PDF
Break: 15 minutes
Session 4: Basics of MS Excel: Learn the Tools to Start Using This Powerful Software
Speaker: Dennis Taylor | Time: 02:15 pm – 03:15 pm ET | Duration: 60 minutes
Get up to speed with Excel quickly – and even master a few advanced techniques – by attending this session with expert speaker Dennis Taylor. Whether you're totally new to the Microsoft Excel or you're already comfortable with some of the basics, this session will guide you step-by-step through the features and techniques you'll need to complete nearly any spreadsheet-based project. You'll discover how to produce documents that present your data clearly and attractively and learn how to use simple sorting and filtering techniques as you work with lists of data. You can learn the basic concepts of Excel as well as simple sorting, filtering and charting tools in this information-packed session.
Session Highlights
  • How to make sense of Excel's powerful and extensive menu system
  • How to set up worksheets and workbooks, and open, close and save Excel files
  • The basics of data entry, along with indispensable shortcuts to simplify the task
  • Formula and function basics and how to use the all-important AutoSum tool
  • Copy/cut/paste techniques, adjust column widths and insert/delete/hide columns/rows
  • Keystroke shortcuts that instantly display your data as a colorful chart
  • How to easily re-arrange lists of data with the valuable Sort command
  • How to hide data you don't need to see with the easy-to-use Filter button
  • How to protect data by hiding columns and using the Worksheet Protect feature
  • How to create summary information from a list using a PivotTable
Break: 15 minutes
Session 5: Basics of MS PowerPoint
Speaker: Mitzi Gibson Katz | Time: 03:30 pm – 04:30 pm ET | Duration: 60 minutes
PowerPoint's advanced features can transform your presentations beyond basic to engaging and interactive. Join this session with expert speaker Mitzi Katz to power up to the all-around must-know features of MS PowerPoint. Your confidence will increase as you build an organized presentation from the ground up that will capture the attention of your audience. Learn how to powerfully present your point with PowerPoint. This in-depth session will discuss in detail and using step-by-step demonstrations and sample documents, each technique you can use to build effective presentations. This session will take your knowledge of PowerPoint to the next level.
Session Highlights
  • Important setup basics that are often overlooked
  • Design components – What works and what does not
  • Applying themes and layouts
  • Working with placeholders – Text and graphics
  • Arranging slides
  • Manipulating graphics
  • Presentation techniques, tips and tricks
Q&A after the session
Who Will Benefit
  • Any employees using MS Word/Adobe Acrobat/MS PowerPoint/Microsoft Outlook/MS-Excel
  • Legal secretaries, assistants, lawyers
  • Office administrators
  • Administrative assistants
  • Writers/editors
  • Self-taught users
  • New or infrequent users
  • Advanced users
  • Administrative assistants, managers, directors, educators, medical, legal, marketing personnel
  • Administrative personnel
  • Team leaders/team members/project managers
  • Engineers
  • Executives
  • Sales professionals/sales managers
  • Customer service personnel
Mitzi Gibson Katz Mitzi Gibson Katz has trained thousands of end-users and developed curriculum for over 25 years. Mitzi holds a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in special education classroom and administration. After teaching a variety of special education classes in Kansas, Montana and Alaska for the early part of her career, Mitzi became interested in technology as the first personal computers were introduced in the market. More Info
Karla Brandau Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and team productivity in the workplace. She specializes in combining the power of time management with technology, especially using Microsoft Outlook as a tool to help individuals "get it all done" in less time. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute (, and she has educated managers with her proven time management and Microsoft Outlook productivity systems in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic and BYD America. More Info
Dennis Taylor Dennis Taylor has taught thousands of Excel seminars and classes since the early 90's, is the author/presenter of over 250 Excel webinars, and authored the book Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000. He has taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada since 2006 and has recorded over 100 Excel courses both for online and DVD distribution. More Info


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